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Song For Australia

The disastrous Australian bush fires in 2019-20 took a tremendous toll on Australians - but especially the environment, loss of human and animal life, people's houses and well being. This composition is a reflection on that time, and a tribute to the enormous efforts of those fighting and dealing with the recovery.

My vision is for this song to be sung or played in many different ways - as a choir, as a solo, or as an instrumental version.

Please enjoy using the sheet music and recordings. They are free to download or play.

Sheet Music


In June the fires began,

And in the East they burned.

In the South and West they also made their mark.

The fire has blown upon

The earth, and done its worst.

It scarred our land and almost broke our hearts.


Sing for Australia,

The people and the land.

Pray for Australia,

That we will always stand.

Sing for Australia,

That we can build again.

Pray for Australia,

Our great ‘South Wonderland’.


The Aussie smoke had spread.

It made the glaciers red.

And friends around the world came to our aid.

The fighters all stood strong,

Though the flames continued on,

Despite the rains that finally did come.


Sing for Australia . . .


And now in the New Year,

May we finally see it clear,

The path ahead and lessons we can learn.

So many lives lost,

A truly staggering cost –

The bush, the homes, the animals as well.


Sing for Australia . . .

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