Policy and Other Information

Policy - Piano lessons


  • COST PER LESSON $38 for half an hour, $54 for 45 minutes, and $68 for one hour. These rates apply from July 1, 2022.

  • LESSONS and SCHOOL TERMS Lessons generally follow the school term, but this can vary depending on the student. I sometimes teach during school holidays and give details of this prior to the relevant period.

  • PAYMENT OF FEES Fees are pre-paid and usually cover a school term. Monies are to be paid, and in my account, by time of the first lesson of the term, or first lesson covered by the payment.

  • PAYMENT METHOD Payment is by direct bank transfer.

  • STUDENT UNABLE TO ATTEND THE LESSON IN PERSON DUE TO COVID OR ANY OTHER REASON In these circumstances, please let me know ASAP and the lesson will be provided online via Zoom or similar. If the student is absolutely unable to do the lesson at all, a maximum of one (1) makeup lesson per term will be provided at a suitable time, either during term or during the following school holidays. No credits are carried over to the following term.

  • CANCELLATION OF LESSON BY THE TEACHER If for any reason the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, a refund, makeup lesson, or future credit for that lesson will be given, so long as the student has pre-paid for that lesson.

  • COVID-SAFE PRACTICES - The following will be observed: Social distancing; hand hygiene; masks as appropriate. Please, only the student to attend in the lesson room, unless it's absolutely necessary to have someone accompany them.

  • LESSON STARTING TIME Please arrive promptly at the arranged lesson time, as a full lesson’s duration cannot be guaranteed if you are late. However, if you are running late, please let me know.

  • IF A STUDENT DECIDES TO DISCONTINUE LESSONS All pre-paid lessons are non-refundable.


Other Information


  • BOOKS/TEACHING RESOURCES Various resources such as piano tutor books, other sheet music, theory books and computer files are usually required in lessons. The student or parent bears the cost of these resources. I may be able to provide assistance in purchasing these resources.

  • OTHER:

    • Please ensure that children are not left unattended before or after the lesson.

    • If you have any allergies or medical conditions I should be aware of, please let me know.

    • I am a Blue Card holder.