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Forever and Ever ... Amen

This is a new song version of The Lord's Prayer. It was written in March 2021, during our church's time of fasting and prayer based around The Lord's Prayer. The original musical idea occurred to me in a dream!

Forever and Ever ... Amen - Grant Arnold
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Here In Your Presence

This song is about experiencing the presence of God when we devote ourselves to worship and praise Him through Jesus Christ. The song was written by myself and my wife Debbie.

Here In Your Presence - Grant and Deborah Arnold
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Hands and Feet

We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth. As Christians, we have been given the authority to do it, and the responsiblity to convey God's peace, hope and love.

Hands and Feet - Grant Arnold
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Call My Name

This song is about recognising and responding to God's voice. In 1 Samuel 3, God called Samuel 4 times before he understood that he was hearing God's voice. The words were written by my wonderful wife Debbie, and the music by myself.

Call My Name - Grant and Deborah Arnold
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Bed of Roses

Life can be so comfortable, but we can be 'trapped' wasting time. As Ephesians 5:15-16 says, 'be very careful how you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity'.

Bed of Roses - Grant Arnold
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This is the orchestrated version of the piano solo. It is one of my favourite piano pieces and is well suited to being played by an orchestra.

Desiree - Grant Arnold
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I Write This Song For You

This is a song I wrote for my wife Debbie before we got married. It's one of my favourites.

I Write This Song For You - Grant Arnold
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When Love Is New

This is a ballad with music written by myself and lyrics by Karen Cohen.

When Love is New - Grant Arnold/Karen Cohen
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Goodbye Sad Eyes

This is a hauntingly sad song about lost love, and was written many years back. The lyrics were written by Steve Bescoby and the music by 'yours truly'.

Goodbye Sad Eyes - Grant Arnold/Steve Bescoby
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