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Piano Lessons Mansfield

Lessons are tailor made for each student. My experience not only as a pianist, but also as a singer and composer, allows me to give each student a well-rounded musical learning experience.


At commencement of lessons, an assessment is made of the student's abilities, previous learning and experience, and desired outcomes - in conjunction with the student, parent &/or guardian.


Lessons are held at my private studio in Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast.


Piano Lessons Mansfield

What Happens in Piano Lessons?

In lessons, the student is taught how to understand and interpret rhythm and music notation, and how to play the instrument with good technique and posture. The importance of practising is emphasised and the student develops a sense of musicality as they progress, combined with a general appreciation and enjoyment of music.


Learning materials will usually include a selection of tutor books, grade books (for intermediate level), other sheet music or digital products and technical exercises as selected by the teacher, and possibly some music chosen by the student.

Piano Lessons Mansfield

Theory and Musicianship

To achieve good all round musicianship, students are taught relevant theory, how to sight read, and perform well. Aural (hearing) skills are included, as these are vital to any good musician.

The context of the music is explained, eg. music history appropriate to their stage of learning. 

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