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A Little Something For Everyone (Variety Pack) - Studio Licence version

A Little Something For Everyone (Variety Pack) - Studio Licence version

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I hope you enjoy this variety pack of 13 pieces for students. There's quite a variety of styles, and the pieces are ordered in progressive difficulty, ranging from SUPER easy to about grade 2 Australian exam level.


21-page PDF download





I Like Tomatoes - GRADE super easy, KEY C major

Brush Your Teeth - GRADE very easy KEY A minor

Open The Door - GRADE pre-preliminary KEY C minor 

Going Round And Round Again - GRADE preliminary KEY C major

Put A Lot Of Effort In - GRADE pre-preliminary KEY F major

Gotta Wake Up - GRADE pre-preliminary KEY C major

Twinkle Toes - GRADE preliminary KEY D major

Up And Down - GRADE one KEY of F and G minors

I'm Wide Awake - GRADE one KEY E minor

Tribal - GRADE one KEY D minor

Mellow - GRADE two KEY of C major

As The Day Fades - GRADE two KEY of D major

Gee Riffic - GRADE two KEY related to12-bar blues in G


Studio Licence Version

The purchaser of this digital product is permitted to print, copy and use this product for/with any number of their own students as an individual teacher. This licence may not be shared with any other teachers in the same studio or different studios. To print: set up your printer for A4 size paper. Thank you.





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