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Studio rates


What do lessons cost?

Lessons are $40 for a half hour lesson, $56 for three-quarters of an hour, and $71 for one hour. 



How old do you have to be to learn?

Usually students need to be around six or seven to start individual lessons.


What if I want to do exams?

I cater to those who want to do exams or just like to play for pleasure.


Working towards exams can be a good goal and motivation for students, as well as providing a well-defined track to achieving a recognised standard. Exams generally involve learning at least three set pieces/songs, technical work, general knowledge about their pieces, ear tests and sight reading. The student then sits the grade exam when they are ready. I generally use the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board), as they are the most well known and widely used in Australia. 


Can I choose the music I learn?

Yes! There is often a mix of music chosen by the teacher and by the student, but the teacher will be the guide to the music chosen to ensure relevance and appropriateness to the student’s needs and stage of learning. If doing exams, the student will usually be able to choose from a range of different music options from the exam syllabus, in conjunction with the teacher.


How often do I practise and for how long?

Practising is one of the most essential aspects of learning to play. Without it, very little progress is likely! Good progress will happen by practising often, and with clear and sensible goals in mind. Practice length will vary depending on the stage of learning but as a guide beginners would start at around 10 minutes - 5 times a week. At intermediate level, 30+ minutes - 5 times a week.

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